Ajna Light Session

To experience a session contact us or check the events schedule to see where the Light currently is. Alternatively an Ajna Light session can also be held in the privacy of your own home.

It is recommended to have a short session to begin with to see how the Light feels. Full sessions range from 10 mins – 1 hour depending on what we feel may be suitable. We will assist you during your time “under the light”.

If you wish to arrange an event in your location either at home or in a café, yoga/healing centre, shop or elsewhere please contact us for details.



    Good for beginners is 15-20 mins to get a feel of the light. Up to 30mins for deep relaxation and meditation

    45 MINS

      Middle level for those who have had a few sessions and wish to explore much deeper

      1 HOUR

        For advanced light travellers with previous experience and for deeper spiritual exploration



        What to expect?

        Prior to the session we will explain more about the Light to you and ask you a few questions. We will then select a light sequence and music for you depending on your preference. You will be asked to lie down or be seated in front of the Light in a safe sacred space and relax with your eyes closed. It is best to have no expectations and come with an open mind. Try to open yourself up to the experience and let the process happen.

        Set an intention

        It is very important to set an intention for the session. Take a moment to quietly observe what may be present and set an inquiry. This will give you a direction or focus for the journey and help you in receiving the guidance you need. Bring to mind anything you wish to focus on, in a detached way, and hold it in a place of compassion. This will allow you to relax and be receptive to whatever arises under the light. It is better to have no expectations as the light gives you need at the time, maybe not what you think you need.

        Time ‘under the light’

        After a few seconds you hear soft music through the headphones. At the same time, through your closed eyelids, you will possibly begin to see various colours, shapes and patterns being produced by your mind directly through the intensity of the light. The mind and body will automatically begin to slow down without effort and within a few minutes you are in a deep meditative state. Tension and stress melt away as the light balances and supports you bringing about a deep state of well being. Relax and enjoy your own unique Ajna Light session.

        Return to the waking state

        When the light journey has finished you will take a few moments to come back into the waking state of consciousness. Be aware of anything that may have arisen during the experience and know that working with the light is a process, just like meditation. Regular use will lead to greater benefits as thoughts, feelings and emotions are released from cellular memory through observation and acceptance. This cannot be forced or controlled and will rather happen in its own time.

        See FAQs for further guidance

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