Benefits Of Healing Light Meditation

Since 2014 over 2000 people have experienced the Ajna Light meditation. Valuable feedback has been given by those who have spent time “under the light” through various trials worldwide. In this modern world we are constantly suppressing our body’s natural ability to heal by using drugs in order to keep up with a fast paced life and grasping at other external influences. True healing happens when we relax into the process, letting go of ego and allow the unconscious mind to guide you. The power of self-healing is revealed in the trance states of gamma, theta and delta brainwave states, allowing old traumas held in the body memory to naturally release in a non-verbal, non-judgemental way under the guidance of your own wisdom. It benefits us however we need it the most at the time through the body’s natural intelligence. This is the essence of Light Self Therapy.

The Light will manifest all sorts of healing energies in your body on the physical level and it meets you wherever you are. We know from seeing people’s reactions that it allows them to connect to a very deep part of their core being which is light consciousness. For people who have done a lot of meditation work themselves, the Light acts as an accelerator. It is a tool, it’s not imposing something from the outside, it’s just there to help you make it easier to go inside. When we let go of ego consciousness that we have to control and manipulate and make our lives a certain way that’s safe and secure. When we open up then magic happens. The healing light is a tool that accelerates that process for people to come into love and trust, and it’s self-love, a journey from the head to the heart.

healing light meditation and the benefits experienced


  • Deep Relaxation

  • Self-Healing

  • Effortless Meditation

  • Access Inner Wisdom

  • Pineal Gland Activation

  • Reduce Stress

  • Emotional Clearing


Through extensive testing with people from different backgrounds and cultures, even though the the journey for each person is very different depending on mood and intention, even if the exact same session (light sequence and music) is repeated, the result was one of deep relaxation, a sense of wellbeing and feeling centred. When the user was open to it they were able to also connect with guides and other consciousnesses outside or inside their own waking mind-state.

This healing Light meditation is for users wishing to explore their own consciousness without the use of psycho-active drugs. Flickering lights are highly effective and beneficial. However, prior to the Ajna Light, the state of the art was very limited in its effectiveness. This was due to the use of much lower power LEDs in goggles, different coloured LEDs, or much higher heat output lights such as halogen lights. The very intense psycho-spiritual journeys reported by Ajna Light users such as seeing guides, and having extended out of body experiences, do not happen on previous technology using just the flicker effect.


Who is it for?

  • Therapists or healers to offer as sessions

  • Personal use for relaxation and spiritual development

  • Corporate workers and companies to relieve stress and anxiety

  • Meditators to deepen your practice

  • Musicians and artists to enhance creativity

  • Lucid dreamers

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