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General Questions

The Light has it’s own Wi-Fi, is this dangerous? +

The Lamp is controlled by Wi-Fi to select the light sequences and music. It is not connected to the world wide web, only between the Lamp and whatever device you choose to use. So, the WiFi is like a router and is not a problem as it is 100 times further away from the body than a phone is. This makes the WiFi EMF 10,000th of the phone EMF exposure. WiFi becomes dangerous when using a phone daily close to your body for many years.

Is there anyone who should not use it the Light? +

The only type of person who should not use the Ajna Light is someone suffering from epilepsy, having a family history of epilepsy, or suffering from frequent headaches that can be a precursor to epilepsy. Epileptics know they cannot be around strobe lights, and so will avoid the Ajna Light anyway.

If you have strained your eyes though overwork at the computer, or are sensitive to the sun and light it’s best to rest your eyes for a while. If your eyes are strained, any bright light will feel uncomfortable. In this case, adjust the light intensity slider down. Even 10% intensity can bring the user into trance.

We have found that with certain ethnic groups who have a much greater connection with energy then only 10% may be comfortable. Westerners can handle a greater intensity due to having very strong egos and so the extra stimulation allows them to move through psychological barriers and go directly to the body.

What are the differences between Mind Machines and the Ajna Light? +

The Light uses the latest high powered 10w LEDs. In the 1990s it was popular to use goggles with low power LEDs close to the eyes, but this is not a comfortable or powerful method of producing the hypnogogic effect. Goggles are very ineffective and not intense enough. We need 5000 lumens close up to penetrate through the cranial bones to the pineal gland (they are partly translucent) so direct pineal activation, goggles cannot do that. White light is produced by the Lamp, rather than coloured lights, so the visuals are produced in the mind rather than seen with the eyes in front of the face or behind goggles.

The Ajna Lamp is a computer using an SD card file for storage and uses WiFi to play light files and music. So, it can be controlled from a computer, tablet or mobile phone

You can design your own journey or sequence of brainwave frequencies through the ilst sequence generator to make it more personal and unique to you.


What evidence do you have for it bringing results? +

Through various trials worldwide over 2000 people have spent time “under the light” and given valuable feedback. The testimonials speak for themselves.

Devices to measure brainwave activity are progressing and we will be conducting sessions with a Bio Field Viewer at the Mind Body Spirit Festival, Sydney, in May.


Are there studies being done on the Light? +

Studies are currently being done on the effects of the Light with Dr. Lubova, who runs the Tesla Institute in Bangkok. She measured the difference before and after a 5 minute session on the Ajna Light. The biggest change was 11% in the SCN in the hypothalamus, where melanopsin takes place. Other changes were in the pineal 8% and visual cortex, as well as an increase in psychic power.

Also Dr Chris Fisher at CMU, Thailand is running tests with a group of light travellers. He is one of the top 10 Buddhist scholars in the world. So far the results are VERY positive and we hope to get results back by the end of the year.

Where can I experience the Light? +

We are generally in Australia, Thailand, India or Bali. Please check the schedule to find out where the Light currently is and to arrange a session. Alternatively contact us for details and we will be happy to point you in the direction of a Light near your location

Use of the Light

What happens when I have a session? +

Often people see kaleidoscopic visions with very vivid colours, but some people just see black and white. Both experiences are valid and just as meaningful. Many people report seeing pure white light at some point in the process. This is the light of unconditional love. It appears that pure white becomes dominant when the user is connecting to source consciousness, and black when the user is connecting to the empty space of the void, as in Zen meditation.

There is often a hole or circle in the centre of the geometric patterns. Gently focus your attention on that if you can. It is the DMT tunnel of light that appears when one is dying. Through entering this tunnel, your guides may appear, or some other form of insight. The Ajna Light often brings this same visionary image, of a hole or tunnel of light, as people are taken into theta (visionary meditation) and delta (deep meditation) brainwave states during their Ajna Light experience.

For more details in what to expect in a session click here.

How often should I use it and what is the best length of time for a session? +

Positive effects are usually experienced immediately, and for sustained results, like regular meditation, general daily use is best for deeper effects. Mostly people would use the Ajna Light for one session a day at maximum, a session being 10-60 minutes long. The average length of a session is approx 20 mins and go up to as long as 40 mins. For those with more experience up to 1 hour provided clients are able to stop the session at any time if they feel it is appropriate. It is very individual to the person

What setting should I use? +

Choose a relaxing, gentle light pattern first, such as one of the three alpha .ajna file provided, for 5 or 10 minutes. It is better if you have never tried the Ajna Light to have someone else around the first time you try the light. Typically someone will be demonstrating the light to you. Occasionally buried trauma from childhood comes up as part of the self-healing. Later you can safely increase the session length up to 50 minutes if you like, so you can go deeper in each session.

It is recommended to start with Schumann, and it’s the first one Guy composed using the light sequence pattern generator that he designed. Schumann takes you on a journey through different brainwave states up and then down, but it seems to be very effective for people, it exposes things in a very interesting way.

Is the Light synchronized with the music? +

The interesting thing about the music is that the Light is doing the work, but the music gives the brain something to occupy it while the light is doing the deeper work in the physiology. The light is the key thing, but what people say is that when they listen to the music with the light, it becomes vibrant. It really has a meaning that you don’t normally see or hear. What the brain does is pattern match and make it fit together. So how come the music changes the same time as the light? Actually that’s just your mind working it out.

Is the experience the same for everyone? +

Different people have different reactions to sessions, even if they are to do exactly the same music and light sequence. Each journey is entirely different, even if you choose the same sequence again, depending upon your intention and mood. The visions, if experienced, are created entirely by your own mind, as the light flicker is white light. Therefore the images and kaleidoscopic patterns are completely unique to the individual. The results show that no matter what the programme, the user is always relaxed and centred afterwards. The Light travels to wherever it is most needed within the body mind network.

How quickly will I feel the benefits? +

Like meditation, it is the process of patiently meditating regularly which is important, due to the subjective feelings which may or may not come up from session to session. These feelings, insights, and subconscious intuitions are present during meditation to be observed and accepted, and therefore released from cellular memory in the body, and they come up at their own pace. Regular meditation allows time for the feelings to release their toxic hold on the body, and this release cannot be rushed or controlled. People have reported feelings of joy, expansion and euphoria.


How long would you expect to experience some changes in your spiritual awareness? +

It is better to not expect and go with it and it is dependent upon the individual. Usually with any kind of meditation practice changes in spiritual awareness occur when you stop looking. For some, to experience a shift has taken daily use for a few months, for others quite profound experiences within a few sessions. The Light allows us to let go of analysis that leads to more storyline and ego mind, and allow whatever needs to surface to be released. We also think it is important to remember to integrate anything you experience into your daily life. So as we go through the rest of our day we recall the experience we have had under the Light.


Where can I buy a device? +

We encourage you to read the pre-sell page for more information about the Ajna Light package before clicking through to the official order page. All orders are shipped and tracked securely from Chiang Mai, Thailand.

How long will it take to arrive? +

It will usually arrive within 2-10 working days by DHL depending on where you are located.

What payment methods do you accept? +

All payments are made securely via Paypal.