Light Ambassadors

At Light Self Therapy we are Light Ambassadors, having trained at Lanna Yoga with Guy Harriman and experienced many sessions. As Ambassadors we hold space in the sharing of the Light in a personal way rather than the impersonal retail distribution of the product in the corporate model.

Our mission is to share the profound healing effects of the Ajna Light experience with the world, just as we have experienced. We believe in the body’s natural ability to heal itself and the light is a tool that induces a deep sense of well being and restores balance for healing to happen. We wish for others to have the opportunity to journey into the light to discover deep peace and relaxation.

Dimitri and Roni are Certified Yoga Teachers, Therapists and Healers with decades of experience in the field of spirituality, meditation and healing. They have found the Ajna Light to be a wonderful compliment to their modalities and to activate the body’s own healing mechanisms bringing about self-empowerment through Light Self Therapy. As Light Ambassadors we facilitate journeys ‘under the light’ creating a sacred space, being present and supporting you.

Dimitri Miteff

ambassador of the light dimitri miteff

Dimitri has completed several Yoga Teacher Trainings in Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Calligraphy Yoga and also Classical Hatha Yoga in the tradition of Sri T.Krishnmacharya. Having explored Ashtanga, Iyengar, Forrest, Anusara and Hatha Yoga he draws from a broad range of experiences to create an alignment-based, dynamic class with breath, mindfulness and self empowerment as the primary focus, connecting to your own innate wisdom. Other teachers and influences include Simon-Borg Olivier, Mark Whitwell and Anna Forrest. He now continues to study Hatha Yoga as taught by AG Mohan in Chennai, as well as Calligraphy Yoga, under Master Zhen Hua Yang. This is a gentle and flowing combination of Indian and Chinese practices, yoga and qigong, to develop inner power and increase energy ‘Qi’ production promoting blood, digestive and mental circulation.

He was first introduced to the world of subtle energies of the body and power of the mind when he practiced Chinese Kung Fu in his early teens. Martial Arts practices complimented his performance as a track and field athlete, and representative rugby player. He discovered how important mental focus and discipline is in order to reach your full potential. Dimitri’s interest and passion for working with energy and holding space as a healer has lead him to become certified in a range of healing modalities including Cranio Sacral, Reiki and also Pranic Healing as by founding Master Choa Kok Sui, using chromo therapy and crystals. His main passion however, is using sound, frequencies and vibration for deep healing. He is a Certified Tibetan Sound Healer and works with singing bowls and tuning forks. He has also explored vocal toning with one of the world’s leading sound healers Jonathan Goldman. Having been initiated into Native American and Indonesian rituals has inspired him to also integrate this with yoga. He is now continuing studies with the Foundation For Shamanic Studies (FFSS) founded by Michael Harner under the guidance of Kevin Turner.


Roni Miteff

ambassador of the light roni miteff

Roni discovered yoga through Sivananda Yoga Centre in London in 2007 and instantly knew it would become part of her path. She has completed over 900h YTTC and Yoga Therapy in Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga, as well as Classical Hatha in the tradition of Sri T Krishnamacharya under the guidance of AG Mohan in India. Roni is deeply interested in how the body and mind are related, and how physical illness manifests in relation to emotional issues and our holding patterns within the body. To compliment this she undertook 120h Anatomy and Physiology of Hatha Yoga with Simon-Borg Olivier, and also a Certificate in Myofascial Release Therapy. She incorporates elements of both the Indian and Chinese Traditions and is currently exploring Calligraphy Yoga, a relaxed and free flowing ‘internal’ style that develops and utilizes ‘chi’.

Roni has taken formal refuge in the Karma Kagyu Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism in 2004. She studied Buddhist Philosophy and Tibetan Language at Pullahari Monastery in Nepal in 2006. Upon returning to UK she became a resident at Kagyu Samye Dzong Tibetan Centre in London for 1 year in 2007. Since then she has attended many silent meditation retreats and also taken time for in depth self practice in Dharamsala, India, each year.


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