“The Ajna Light truly makes your mind very relaxed. The special music honed to the frequencies of the brain, gives your cells a sense of stability. From my 50 years experience with mediation and health practice, I believe that the Ajna Light can really help people with any stress, sleeping disorder and organ dysfunction associated with poor blood circulation. I strongly recommend people to try this. 10/10″


“It was amazing! It was the third time on the light and I think this time I was more an observer. The second time I think I tried to play a more active role in trying to see how I could play around with the shapes and things, but this time around I just stood back & observed and it was incredible. There were a lot of oranges and blues this time around. And some strong reds and the flower of life was coming through again quite a lot, but a lot of diagnol shapes as well with spirals coming out, kind of mosaicy. And just super chilled, and really just because I think it’s because I wasn’t fighting anything as well so it was more like trying to be involved in it. It really brought me back, calmed me especially after having a lot of fun times. I feel like I can have a very deep sleep for sure. All sorts of beautiful patterns, the universe is amazing!”

“I was definitely not the same person that went under the light.  I was feeling very positive, peaceful and happy. I felt like I had let go of a huge negative weight, perhaps some karma and I felt so much lighter.  Since then I have been full of good energy on a day to day basis I am so much more confident, relaxed and positive. I feel like I am beaming like a lighthouse and people are noticing. Nothing negative seems to faze me, I am just moving through any situation with ease and I am manifesting positive miracles!”

“From the first time being under the Ajna Light, I felt a huge shift in my mental, spiritual and emotional being. The overall experience with the light is relaxing and soothing, yet it is very sensually stimulating! After several encounters, I began to notice a light hearted, euphoric feeling that seemed to last for days, even into my dreams at night. It assisted me greatly in uncovering subconscious emotional issues, physical trauma, and stress from my past. There was also a significant decrease in my physical pain after using Ajna Light. Even weeks after using this device, I can still feel the effects.”

“I feel expansion, my arms couldn’t describe how big I feel. I feel so much joy, so bubbly as if I was a child again. The colours during the healing were so incredible. So much yellow white red blue mainly these colours. bit of brown and like incredible, incredible geometry figures. It was so good. I didn’t feel much on the physical body. I felt just expansion of my heart and my throat, my head and my roots being connected altogether, everything else was non-existing. Psychedelic patterns, that was brilliant. It made me giggle. I don’t know why, but I didn’t think I could see something like this without taking drugs. I compare it to ayuhuasca, what I though I saw during ayuhuasca healing a sense of these circles and squares that are always expanding and they start to spin around and expansion. My intention was to welcome it as it is, not to try to control”

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