What Is Light Self Therapy (LST)?

enlighten the mind through light self therapyLight Self Therapy (LST) derives from Ericksonian psychology to engage the unconscious mind to help in the healing process rather than using egoic consciousness to manipulate and “fix” the unconscious mind. LST also involves working with the hypnagogic state or a trance state the mind enters just before sleeping each night that leads you into the calm states of mind and body that will help you to relax deeply. It is LST because whichever brainwave you choose and whatever journey you select it can support you. It is different to traditional therapy because you are doing the work. The Light uses the same concept as the ancient world reconnecting to ancient wisdom, trusting the body and spirit to heal itself.

Virtually all the major civilizations recognized the importance of light in healing. The wisdom of self-healing dates to the earliest trance induction techniques of Shamanism and is experienced in modern times through drumming, chanting, dance and brainwave entrainment hypnosis using sound and light. The Ajna Light advances the state of the art by using the latest high-powered LED modules and computer sequencing of the light flicker frequencies combined with soundscapes to lead the brain toward beneficial structured ranges of mind states.

Intentional Light Self Therapy (iLST)

The Lamp can be used in a customizable, personalized, or pre-programmed way through the iLST Light Sequence Generator. The iLST feature allows the user to select certain brainwave frequencies, light intensity and duration of session according to your intention. It can be set as a one, three, or five stage journey, so that the chosen brainwave states can be experienced for a particular part of the light journey. For instance you may choose to start in alpha state to relax, then explore theta for a more visionary experience, and finish in the deep meditation state of delta. Through LST the user is in total control of the journey and can create a session completely unique to them.


design your own journey with the iLST programme


The Light is a very personalized and unique gift, designed with you in mind and for everyday use. It allows for self therapy at the unconscious level without a therapist controlling your healing journey. Each journey is entirely different each time, specific to you. It is safe and very personal and the light helps you to ride that in a unique way. It will benefit and accelerate you on your path to greater wellbeing and inner awareness. In this way Light Self Therapy allows you to use the Light as a self empowerment tool.

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